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Business Registration

Company limited registration and partnership registration

  • Register the liquidation of company limited, liquidation of partnership, and completeness of the liquidation
  • Modification of registered transaction, i.e. change on directors, authority to sign, capital investment. location, list of shareholder, etc.
  • Request of certificate or affirmative letter, and duplication of the affidavit



  • Preparation of monthly accounting record
  • Consultation on making voucher with supporting documents
  • Preparation of inventory outstanding and movement report
  • Preparation of journal entries such as receipts journal, payment journal, purchase journal and sales journal
  • Preparation of financial reports, ledgers and other reports as required
  • Preparation of trial balance and financial statements and submission the financial statement to the Ministry of Commerce
  • Coordination with auditor

Accounting System

  • Business and transaction analysis, and design of document flows
  • Plan and implementation of appropriate accounting system, including consultation on accounting system
  • Examination of data records
  • Data gathering and evaluation

Taxation Service

  • Registration, preparation and submission for valued added tax (PP 30) and specific business tax to the Revenue Department
  • Preparation of personal and corporate withholding (PND.3, PND.53 and PND.54)
  • Preparation of input tax and output tax reports
  • Modification of registered transactions
  • Preparation and submission of other related tax reports to the Department of Revenue 
  • Being a company representative to discuss with the Revenue Department's officials

Other Services

  • Audit service performed by Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Consultation on Board of Investment (BOI) permitting requisition, including preparation and submission of relevant document to the BOI
  • Social security filling, registration, and submission
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